Headshot of Jennifer Libby
Jennifer Libby
  • Founder & CEO
  • Promly

Jennifer Libby has been a psychotherapist for over 20 years treating at-risk adolescents and, more recently, leading Promly, a hybrid, responsible tech public benefit corporation and 501(c)3 trying to proactively “be 10 steps ahead of teen suicide.” Jennifer has been sounding the alarm for many years about the rapidly emerging youth mental health crisis exacerbated by less than responsible social media platforms.  Frustrated by the slow movement by the social media industry to “do better” for kids, and in response to her own family tragedy, Jennifer founded Promly as a safer and healthier alternative to legacy social media.  At Promly, Jennifer has united the talents of a committed Gen Z advisory team, youth education and health specialists, and app developers to create a safer social networking app exclusively for high school students meant to establish more genuine connections between teens.  Promly goes beyond a traditional social networking app and provides education, empowerment to actually get off their phones through their 20BY20 vision boards, and easy access to much needed mental health resources to high school students all within an ecosystem built with teens to help users foster connectedness within themselves and with others. While Promly is designed for every teen, it also provides seamless access to crisis resources when needed. 

Jennifer’s advocacy for better treatment of youth by Big Tech was well received recently in Washington, D.C. where she spoke to a large group of U.S. House Representatives regarding her on-going efforts (informed by client experience and Promly’s Gen Z advisory board) to have YouTube remove and/or disrupt the algorithm for the “how to tie a noose” and “how to hang yourself” videos that provide step by step video instructions often created by teens themselves.  Of note, suicide by hanging in children and teens has increased by exponential numbers in the last 10 years. It is examples like this that drive Promly to re-imagine how social media can “do better” for teens. 

Jennifer also speaks publicly on a variety of other mental health concerns impacting teens and has provided consultation with numerous agencies including Center for Humane Tech (producers of the “The Social Dilemma”) on best practices for teens and tech.   Jennifer is already helping to raise awareness of the indications of and mitigations for youth distress through speaking engagements scheduled at technology and health forums, as well as large corporate, partnerships, and other organizations throughout the year.  Promly is a proud member of Johnson & Johnson’s Science Over Stigma roundtable convened at the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos, Switzerland. 

Jennifer and the Promly team are looking forward to the app’s formal launch in early-2022. The launch will be marked by the first annual Promly ChangeMakers Festival™, a multi-act musical and creative performance to raise awareness of Promly and de-stigmatize mental health at The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Fueling empowerment, engaging teens, and motivating-by-collaboration is the model Promly believes is most effective in building positive connections and changing our world for the better.  If you are interested in joining our amazing roster of individual and organizational collaborators, please reach out to heypromly@promly.org to work with the leadership team on tailored engagement opportunities. Follow us @promlyapp for updates.  (Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook). 

Jennifer now resides in the great Garden State with her husband and four daughters. She loves TikTok dances, skiing, is a huge fan of Gen Z, and feels like life would be better if every room had a disco ball.


Barrier-free Care: How the Digital Era Harnesses Online Communities and Accessibility to end Mental Health Stigma