Steven Adelsheim Headshot
Dr. Steven Adelsheim
  • Clinical Professor, Director
  • Stanford Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing

Steven Adelsheim, MD, is a Clinical Professor & Associate Chair for Community Engagement at Stanford’s Department of Psychiatry, directing the Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing. Steve’s work is focused on early detection/intervention programs for young people and he co-directs the Media and Mental Health Initiative in Stanford’s Psychiatry Department.  Steve also leads the effort to bring allcove to the US, an integrated youth mental health model, which opened in June 2021 in Palo Alto and San Jose, CA, with plans to open in 5 other California sites over the few years.  Dr. Adelsheim also co-leads PEPPNET, the national clinical network for early psychosis. Steve also works in youth suicide prevention, tribal mental health, policy, integrated care, and telehealth. He previously spent many years leading school mental health efforts for the state of New Mexico and served as the state’s psychiatric medical director. 


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